Thursday, January 19, 2017


On the last week of December 2016, the terrapins of Banyan tree decided that they should stop by to wish us happy New Year as 12 terrapins in one day paid us a visit, breaking the record of 8 terrapins in a day.
As usual, we took our necessary data and dressed them up using nail polish (as a tagging method). The other terrapins must have wanted to dress up too for the New Year celebration as the following two days we ended up with an astonishing total of 32 terrapins! Yes, 32 terrapins in 3 days! I was surprised that we had enough nail polish to cope with the numbers.

After our wonderful visits from our little friends, Rebecca and I became inspired for a New Year resolution with terrapins in mind; we wanted to find out and experiment with new bait to add to their variety of baits and tantalize their reptilian taste buds. Hence, their updated menu involves the previous canned tuna or sardines but now includes fresh fish and escargot (snails), which have been proven to be effective. We are still trying to be creative and think about new baits they may enjoy, so if you have any ideas, feel free to drop a comment and maybe we will test it out and let you know.

We are also working on a plan with the General Manager to be able to remove some invasive species in the wetland, and for now Duck weeds and Water Hyacinth are on top of the list.

water hyacinth to be removed
Duck weed invasion!

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