Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Eden goes back to sea!

Friday 23rd December......... after over 6 months at the Wildlife Conservation & Rehabilitation Centre... the team introduces Eden back into the big ocean.

MCSS staff sees Eden off...
Sad to see him leave ....but happy that he is back is his natural habitat and healthy....

and Eden is off....
after just a few minutes in the open sea, Eden was observed feeding on some algae and he was swimming happily around readjusting to his natural habitat.

(Me)Vanessa says a final goodbye

The team members kept a close eye on Eden for some time to observe his behavior back at sea

Alex and Vanessa keeping an eye on Eden

ok..... I admit it... one of the reasons I got in the water was so I could shed some tears privately.... but Rebecca spotted me and sneaked a picture!
It is totally normal to feel emotional after caring for Eden for over 6 months and then releasing him not knowing how things will turn out for him...but I sure hope he keeps safe and makes it through a good long life!

Someone was a bit emotional!

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