Sunday, April 10, 2016

Holly's last blog......marking

The last few weeks have brought several terrapin recaptures including a new yellow belly that has been named Oblak. 
Marking Project before release
We said a fond farewell to Project, our fully recovered black bellied mud terrapin. After almost a year recovering at the centre he was released back into the wetland. He has always been very active and curious and he seemed to love exploring his new found freedom!
Imogen saying bye to her Baby!

A last close up pic!
After being released on the bank he headed straight for the pond at speed. We estimate that he is only around a year old, and was originally found as a hatchling weighing in at only 6g with head and front leg injuries.  On the day of release he was 60g and very active! So far he has not been recaptured but it will be an exciting day when he is! 

We’ve also had a couple of school groups in recently including the local Little Snappers wildlife club. They enjoyed a day at the centre learning all about the turtles, including a walk around the wetlands discovering all the different bird species we have here. 

Visiting our little patient..Eden

Jonatan showing the kids our exhibition
It is the end of my time here with MCSS and I will be handing over to a new team member!