Thursday, March 2, 2017

Luzia's adventure ends!

A bit of a late upload due to some internet problems....but better late than never.
Some last few words from Luzia as her adventure with MCSS ends......

Anse Intendance
Bye Bye Seychelles!

My five weeks with MCSS in Banyan Tree are almost over. I learnt so much about turtles and terrapins, how the field work is done, data is collected and how to raise awareness through educational work. I met an amazing team of co-workers and enjoyed every minute with them at work and after work by some cocktails.
I’ve experienced so many things here I will never forget, like the tiny little black mud terrapin babies, the first time monitoring birds, the bioluminescent plankton at Anse Intendance, my first bread fruit meal, my first hawksbill turtle and green turtle encounter, and of course my first time seeing the sea turtles babies hatching, running over the beach, and swimming into the big blue ocean.

I’m happy I got a chance to be a part of this amazing team and hope to see them again when I’m a grown-up marine biologist.