Friday, July 3, 2015

Visits and farewells pt. 2

Much to the excitement of Banyan Tree staff, the resort also won an award for being the best Green Resort at the World Travel Awards on Saturday 20th.

Chief of Engineering, Mr Boniface Lim receiving the Green Resort Prize on behalf of Banyan Tree.

Mr Boniface Lim with the Head of the World Travel Awards
On Wednesday, we had a visit from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) – they’d heard about our turtle work from someone at Nature Seychelles and made a last minute appointment to come see us!

We also had a visit form the Australian High Commissioner and a few of her colleagues. I am ecstatic to say that thanks to the Australian High Commission, we now have sufficient funds for our X-Ray Machine! It is expected to arrive towards the end of August and soon after its arrival, we expect someone to come over and train us.

On Friday we had a visit from the International School again. We had 46 children from Year 1 over to learn about the environment and over all I think it was a great success! The kids had a turtle presentation and got to walk around the wetland and the farm, learning about different plants and their uses. The children were extremely lucky in that they got to see a Grey Heron, a Night Heron and a Yellow Bittern, which is very rare!
Year 1M making their way down to the wetland.

As you already know, Irma left last Thursday; however I am pleased to say that a new volunteer started working with us on Tuesday 30th. Her name is Vicky and next week she will write the blog to introduce herself and talk about her first week here.
Vicky drying Baby Project.

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