Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chloe finally experiences the south mahe projects.....

Hey there,
I left my corals of Cerf Island to join the team of the Wildife Conservation and Rehabilitation Center in the South of Mahé for two weeks. During all my time with MCSS, I had never been there yet. I was very curious to see the work conducted there, especially the work related to the seaturtles as I never had the opportunity to study these animals.  As it is currently the nesting season of the marine turtles,  I assisted Vanessa in her patrols along the beaches of the South. The season is quiet though, regarding the previous ones. However, we still found some tracks, nests and encountered turtles. It was an amazing experience to see these huge and magnificient animals coming out from the sea to lay their eggs. I felt very lucky… With Vanessa, I learned the characteristics of the turtle tracks and to determine to which species it belongs, but also to recognize signs of nesting and the nest itself.
A nesting turtle
restraining a turtle for data collection

The second week, we welcomed two classes from the Ecole Française des Seychelles (French school of Seychelles) at the center. Vanessa gave me the opportunity to give a presentation in french to the classes about marine turtles. The children were very interested and curious, and I felt very happy to pass on some knowledge.  Maybe some of them will become marine biologists, who knows ! If not I hope, they will raise awareness around them about the protection of marine ecosytems.
Now, it’s the time for me to go back on Cerf with Savi to continue to take care of our brand new coral nurseries and artificial reefs ! Next time, hopefully, I’ll return in the South to see the hatchlings and wish them good luck ! Thanks to all the team members to have welcomed me here !
Coral yours,

During the presentation