Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Relocation of Nest on Intendance

Egg clutch found!
Our 1st Hawksbill nest at Banyan tree beach or Intendance beach had to be relocated the due to the high tide that was reaching up to the egg clutch area. This was my 1st time ever doing nest relocation, digging to find the exact area where the eggs was laid  can sometimes take few trials until you find it. I got lucky by finding the exact area where the Hawksbill layed its eggs.
Vanessa explains correct handling of the eggs

 The whole team worked together to make this possible,  one holding the umbrella so that the eggs does not get direct sunligth, two carefully removing the eggs from the nest, and the other two were digging a new hole for the nest area that we all thought was safe enough from the high tide.
Rebecca and Vanessa carefully removing the eggs 

 We also had some little fun by playing a guessing game about how many eggs we thought the turtle layed,  no one got the exact number but Alex got his guess close enough, so basically he won, by his prediction of 160 eggs and Vanessa had predicted some close enough digits with 143! The actual amount of eggs was 153. We were all happy with the job well done, and can’t wait to hopefully see the hatchlings come out and start their adventure in this big world.  

Vanessa 'lays' the eggs in its new location